Creating Passion in a Print the Melly Raya way…

Mel talks passionately about the natural and unseen images in Mallorca that inspired her designs throughout lockdown, however this is merely the start of the Melly Raya process that culminates in the bold and exciting textile prints that are the trademark of Melly Raya’s current and future collections.
 Thistle Inspiration
Mel then develops the design of her raw image through carefully selected water paints and inks – sensitively reflecting their subtle architecture and texture with skilfull brush strokes.
Once the design is captured on paper a suitable pattern is dynamically created using positive and negative space to orientate the design until the best possible versions have been selected.   

The final tiff design is then briefed to our Jaipur* team of highly skilled artisans for the tracing, carving and production of teak wooden blocks that are used to print the design across multiple lengths of fabric.

*This highly skilled craft dates back over 4,500 years to ancient China. For the past 300 years the Indian block printing industry has been sustained in the town of Jaipur and surrounding villages.

The artisan wood block printers are from a special Indian cast, called chippas that can be found throughout Jaipur.

Melly Raya works with one of the larger family workshops in order to ensure the best possible quality using sustainable and traditional methods… needless to say hand printing creates perfect imperfection that ensure each Melly Raya product is totally unique.